The Challenges of Finding Wholesale Corkscrews

Wholesale corkscrews, although highly sought after, are much more difficult to source than other products.  The reasons for the lack of bulk corkscrews abound, yet the main issue is that they simply cannot be mass produced as readily as other metalworks.  

Yet anyone who has ever tried to open a bottle of wine without one no doubt realized that even cheap varieties are invaluable during this struggle.  

So for those of us who are either wine enthusiasts or just occasional drinkers, the need for a reliable tool is not at all lost on us.  

And for the restaurateurs, wineries, or Sommeliers of the world, wholesale corkscrews shopping is more than a passive activity — it's an essential part of the business.  

That's why we want to make it as easy as possible to browse our catalogs, make a selection, and receive your order in a hassle-free way.  

Yet for many discount shoppers, shipping charges can quickly turn a good bargain into a headache, which is another consideration we've made in this venture.  

We truly want to be a one-stop shop for you to buy wholesale corkscrews, so we're happy to offer a flat-rate, US$2.00 per order shipping charge to all Continental United States Addresses.

Which Wholesale Corkscrews Are Most Economical to Buy?

On the surface this seems like an easy answer — the cheapest available — but more qualifying questions should be asked about the end use and user of the corkscrew.  

For example, a waiter or waitress working in an upscale restaurant should not only consider the durability and functionality of the model but the cosmetic appearance too.  

Patrons of these establishments are generally more astute about every aspect of the facility, and are apt to notice an unsightly acrylic, plastic, or badly-scuffed stainless steel corkscrew – which may then lead to questions about the quality of the equipment used behind the 'veil of the kitchen.'  

That's a good reason why some of the most successful operations go a step further to create their own, self-branded logoed corkscrew to be used by each and every member of their staff.

The point is that what may seem, at first glance, as the most economical (i.e., least expensive) choice, could actually cost owners more in the long run per less repeat business from these highly-selective customers.  

Yet on the flipside, if you're looking for a steady supply of budget wholesale corkscrews to distribute to kitchen staff of your catering firm, then most of the wine opening is conducted out of the sight of guests.  

So in this case, cheap corkscrews openers are more than sufficient to handle your needs; while in the former example of the gourmet/luxury restaurant, nothing less than a stainless steel multi, hardwood handle, or well-made rabbit corkscrew would do.  

Fortunately for everyone, though, we as discount corkscrews suppliers have all of these and more!

Now that we've given a brief overview of the various considerations in buying different types of corkscrews, we'll now cover some specific varieties in detail.

The Advantages of Buying Wood-Handled Wholesale Corkscrews

wooden wholesale corkscrews

Hardwood-handled wholesale corkscrews provide some of the best value for bulk shoppers, given the broad appeal and durability of these units.

Everything from a 5-star hotel to the best restaurants in the world can enhance both their overall prestige + customer experience by adding wooden corkscrews to its merchandise.

Hotel gift shops would do well to offer either blank or imprinted corkscrews for sale to its visitors, with unique advantages inherent in both types.

Naturally, imprinting a corkscrew with your company's logo, contact information, or trademarked slogan, is a powerful marketing tool which could have residual benefit for years to come.

The downside to such overt advertising is, for whatever reasons, there remain significant numbers of would-be buyers who'd prefer not to provide free marketing by using branded merchandise.

To them, the rationale is that paying for an item up front is compensation enough, and additional 'brandcasting' should not fall to them on a company's behalf.

So this consumer factor is important to consider, and to the extent possible, study, before embarking upon an expensive, logoed order of wholesale corkscrews.

That said, should your firm deem that imprinting corkscrews with your desired information would provide the greatest return on your investment, then the safest type of corkscrew to choose is a wood-handled species.

Blank Wooden Corkscrews and the Effect on Marketability

discount wood-handled corkscrews

Unless you're marketing to a very specific subset of consumers, it makes little difference whether you choose oakwood, redwood, cherry wood, or ebony wood as your medium; they all have outstanding character and will attract a diverse base of buyers.

Furthermore, on the opposite end of the spectrum, blank wood-handled corkscrews will help you capture that class of shopper who prefers to a more plain appearance than that of imprinted counterparts.

These units lack nothing in terms of the general appeal of wooden wine keys but cater to users with different tastes.

In some ways considered safer than logoed wholesale corkscrews, they also, in many cases, command a slightly less retail sales price than professionally-engraved wine openers.

The key to deciding upon which variety to buy is to understand pros and cons of each option, in addition to how strong your brand is currently and whether buyers would be willing to pay a premium for your logo.

These 'either-or' considerations are more pertinent to restaurants, hotels, and boutique shops since general merchandise retailers would certainly do better by offering a combination of both imprinted and blank wooden corkscrews.

And of course, leveraging the name recognition and quality standards of specific manufacturers can go a long way in gaining the confidence of your shoppers, so it doesn't hurt to pursue name-brand models when possible

How to get Brand-Name Wholesale Corkscrews for Less

Companies that have established themselves as formidable players in their line of business generally add a certain brand-value charge to their wares.

It's true for virtually all industries and product lines, with wine keys being no different.

And as is also the case in other forms of merchandise, buying in bulk is usually the most economical means by which to attain the lowest cost-per-unit.

The main problem with this approach when purchasing trademarked items is that leading brands are wary of doing business with all but the largest, most well-capitalized retailers.

Extremely large minimum order sizes, onerous marketing stipulations, and general admin costs can render the notion of buying branded wholesale corkscrews infeasible.

What's more is that, as we learned in our quest to acquire our current lot of wine openers, there's a surprisingly small and poorly-advertised supply of secondary market corkscrews available.

In many instances, regional merchants have partnered with savvy local business people to recycle good condition units in exchange for discounts on newly-purchased merchandise.

Chain retail outlets, local restaurateurs, and larger general merchandise stores also participate occasionally in the practice of exchanging customer returns or otherwise used goods for various discounts and credits.

Each of these approaches to obtaining a solid stock of trademarked wholesale corkscrews is totally legitimate, though is painstakingly unreliable and subject to great fluctuations in supply.

Finding viable merchants and formulating long-term relationships with them can take more effort than one might believe, with no guarantee that the acquired merchandise can be moved in a timely/profitable manner.

Thus, in order to maximize the return on one's efforts and capital, it's better to observe some flexibility in quantity, brands, and condition of the wholesale corkscrews you pursue.

Mixed-Lot Wholesale Corkscrews Provide the Greatest Returns

As stated above, targeting a single brand (type) of wine bottle opener directly from the manufacturing source is a strategy reserved for those willing/able to adhere to the multiple challenges and restrictions posed by doing so.

But for the millions of individuals, family-owned operations, and smaller-scale retailers, a more circuitous method of obtaining branded wine keys is recommended. 

For example, if you were to purchase any listed quantity of the wholesale corkscrews listed on our, you're guaranteed to receive a number of good quality, trademarked versions in your order.

This is because we believe in passing on tremendous value to our customers and want you to profit as much as possible in result of doing business with us.

Unlike other vendors offering bulk wholesale corkscrews anywhere close to our price point, we don't cherry-pick or otherwise remove the choice varieties from our lots.

Consequently, you're able to receive top-shelf corkscrews for only $0.85 just for buying in bulk.

Premium varieties like wood-handled Laguiole, Coutale Sommelier, and Rabbit 2-Step corkscrews are littered throughout our bunch, and we don't charge one penny more for these expensive keys.

We do this, in part, to show our appreciation for visitors who shop with us, along with the recognition that not every corkscrew is going to be in picture-perfect condition.

So to balance everything out while still affording substantial upside to wholesale corkscrews buyers, we make sure that each order is valued at a far greater sum than what we've sold it for.

Moreover, on average, our cheap wholesale corkscrews packages are in the $4 per unit retail range, which represents almost a 350% resell potential with ease.  

Thus, in light of the myriad hurdles and barriers to entry in this business, we feel that buying mixed-lot wholesale corkscrews boxes is an ideal way to capitalize on a steady, reliable pool of shoppers.

And to get even more value out of this approach, learning about the most frequently purchased brands is a big advantage when re-marketing them to your customers.  

Getting the Most Value From TrueTap Wholesale Corkscrews

TrueTap double-hinged wholesale corkscrews remain one of our top-selling brands, thanks to their durable construction, handsome design, and general ease of use.

True Fabrications produces a diverse line of both waiter's style and sommelier professional corkscrews, with the TrueTap line leading the way.

Teflon worms, an assortment of engaging colors, and a built-in bottle opener makes the TrueTap double-hinged corkscrew a favorite of restaurants, wine bars, and private citizens alike.

These well-made wine keys have a proven history of lasting far longer than their generic imitators, so it really makes a difference to go with a brand-name opener in this case.

The primary benefit of buying double-hinged TrueTap wholesale corkscrews is that both the quality and consistency of the high-wear components is standardized through the rigorous manufacturing process.

What this means is that when you purchase a bulk lot of TrueTap wine keys, you can rest assured that you won't need to constantly replace them per worn-out hinges or damaged/dulled cork worms.

Each of these parts is remarkably sturdy on authentic TrueTap wine openers, not to mention the brilliant, stout, and expertly-crafted fulcrum.

Weighing a mere 3 ounces and measuring only 5.5" in length, the double-hinged corkscrew by True Fabrications facilitates an easy, effortless wine opening experience.

The 5-turn Teflon worm penetrates smoothly into even the toughest of wine corks and is removed just as conveniently.

A steel-lined, ergonomic handle is perfectly curved to provide advanced comfort for the widest range of users.  Whether you have large hands or small, you'll have no issues with handling this corkscrew like a pro.

Generally priced between $6.99-$10.99, we definitely feel that our bulk TrueTap corkscrews are of great value to resellers, retailers, business owners, and everyday consumers looking to save on these quality wine keys.

So we welcome you to take full advantage of our specials, not only TrueTap varieties but on all of our cheap wholesale corkscrews available.

Hence, we'll continue our coverage of the many brands of discount bulk wine keys we have for your choosing.

Coutale Wholesale Corkscrews Offer a Welcome Combination of Aesthetics and Functionality

The Coutale brand of corkscrews consists of 5 distinct models, all of which boast the patented dual-step opening process from the French maker.

Common in all five varieties – the Coutale Sommelier Innovation, Pocket, Premium, Prestige, and Le Coutale (the original) – is a spring-loaded fulcrum which provides greater maneuverability and enhanced control of the wine key while in operation.

With the Coutale line of openers, as is true with all double-hinged varieties, users no longer have to wrestle with stubborn or difficult-to-remove corks, given the multi-step method by which they're extracted.

Consequently, wine bottle rims act as sturdy points of leverage on which the specially-designed fulcrum rests throughout the entire exercise.

This innovative improvement has been a significant marketing tool for those of us selling Coutale wholesale corkscrews, in light of the many frustrations expressed with conventional wine keys.

With these traditional waiter's wine openers, only about half of the cork can be removed with the initial pull, which makes for an awkward (and slightly dangerous) task of forcefully extracting the remaining half with brute force.

Elevated levels of pressure must be exerted on relatively delicate wine bottle necks with these units, so much care must be taken to not break/crack/damage one in result.

So in addition to the impressively quick means by which a wine bottle can be opened with a Coutale double-hinged corkscrew, a certain amount of safety is insured by employing the superior technology as well.

Graded in our class of mid-level wholesale corkscrews, there's no doubt that buying Coutale wine keys either exclusively or in our mixed lots is a decision you're not soon to regret.

Wholesale Stainless Steel Multi Corkscrews can Lead to big Returns Upon Resale

Arguably just as, if not more so, prestigious as well-crafted hardwood-handled wine openers, stainless steel multi tool corkscrews have universal appeal.

Thanks to their being exceptionally durable, aesthetically appealing, and completely functional, stainless steel wholesale corkscrews share a long-standing spot as a leading choice among customers.

Restaurant and wine bar owners have frequently raved about the superior longevity of stainless steel multi corkscrews, while average consumers laud the pleasant appearance of these tools.

What's more is that myriad business favor the attributes of stainless steel and select blank batches to create customized corkscrews which effectively serve as ongoing marketing tools.

Each time a new or potential client uses these customized or logoed keys, two key things happen in result:  The person using it is reminded of the business and the positive relationship therewith, while at the same time anyone who's unfamiliar with the firm will learn about it via the information imprinted on the corkscrew.

These benefits are certainly not exclusive to stainless steel multi wine keys; however, the increased durability of these units is one of the main reasons why they make such great selections for those needing lots of cheap wholesale corkscrews.

The inherent qualities of the units complement the cheap front-end costs, thus leading to a spectacular return on investment.

Stainless steel also cleans easily, is rugged enough to be handled semi-roughly, and exudes a sense of status and prestige uncommon to most other materials.

So it's no wonder why our stainless steel multi wholesale corkscrews are predictably among the most requested types we sell, with the range of buyers being the broadest of all.

But even with the multitude of benefits received from purchasing a stainless steel corkscrew lot, there are still others that may serve your intended purpose even better.

Epic Murano and Rialto Wholesale Corkscrews are Favorites Among Sommeliers

Both Epic Murano and Rialto wholesale corkscrews offer best-in-class functionality per the double-levered, multi-step designs.

Epic Murano corkscrews are a bit smaller in size than their Rialto brethren, which make them ideal choices for waiters and individuals on the go.

And thanks to a slender and sleek frame, the Murano Corkscrew fits easily into shirt pockets, pouches, and jacket flaps, affording users a number of options to transport the tools as needed.

Being lightweight, sturdy, and attractive are all highlights of Epic Murano Wine Keys, not to mention their handsome profile and dual-tone color combinations.

Thus, we're always pleased when we can add more of the Murano brand to our wholesale corkscrews section, as sell out of them quite rapidly.

Furthermore, the more hefty line of Epic Corkscrews is the Rialto variety, which, like its Murano sibling, is also a two-step key.

Rialto wine bottle openers have a distinct, double-lever fabrication that results in one of the fastest cork extraction processes of all.

Instead of having to maneuver or reposition the corkscrew on the lip of the wine bottle – as is a common qualm with other types of openers – one only has to hold a secure grip on the bottle's neck and corkscrew fulcrum while lifting the handle gently.

The sequence may seem awkward at first, mainly because most are accustomed to 'manual' style wine keys, though after a few uses the concept becomes natural.

Both the Murano and Rialto models work impressively well, and the decision to buy either is largely a matter of preference.  

We've taken care to price not only these units but all of our cheap wholesale corkscrews in such a way that provides the maximum financial upside to our customers.

Bulk discounts increase correspondingly to the number of wine keys you purchase, and we're happy to accommodate still larger orders than what's listed here on our website.

Both the Epic Rialto and Murano corkscrews are reliable, hassle-free wine openers that always make the process much more fun than frustrating.  

Why Opening Wine Without a Corkscrew is Not Recommended

Opening wine without a corkscrew can not only be tedious, difficult, and dangerous but also poses a risk to the wine itself.  Say for instance one has looked into how to make a corkscrew and devised something which appears as though it might work.

Yet after several attempts, one soon comes to appreciate the clever engineering of corkscrews, and why they have characteristics which cannot easily be duplicated.  

What's more is that a properly designed corkscrew is made to cause as little damage to the cork as possible.  

So to avoid being caught in a pinch next time you need to open that bottle of wine, take advantage of our discount wholesale corkscrews today.  

We have a tiered-pricing model which awards you savings for purchasing larger quantities in bulk.  And for those who want to learn more, then follow this link explaining why we sell corkscrews wholesale for less.

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