Weebly Web Hosting Empowers Millions of Users Worldwide

Weebly web hosting solutions have helped millions of users build attractive websites, and it continues to attract many more through its broad marketing/consumer engagement campaigns.  Offering a range of domain name and website-design packages, Weebly web hosting platforms are easy to use and simple to maintain. Anyone looking for a straightforward provider on which to host a website, then Weebly web hosting could be a great fit.

Furthermore, a unique aspect of the Weebly system is that they're one of the few free host providers around.  Even though you don't receive the full functionality as the fee subscription options with the entry-level plan, it's all-but impossible to find a reliable free internet host nowadays.  That being said, a person using a free hosting provider must determine whether the reduced capabilities and assumed compromises are worth the savings from a paid plan. 

For many, the primary goal when seeking cheap web hosting is to provide an acceptable – if not outstanding – look and feel (L&F) for their visitors.  A sharp website design and user-friendly navigational controls are two key areas of concern when building a website. Contextually-relevant information is also fundamental since a user searching for Weebly web hosting obviously doesn't care to land on a travel site.  

This may seem obvious, but sadly, frustrations like this are all too prevalent online.  Moreover, the majority of webmasters prefer an ad free host which allows them to fully control the L&F of their site. And this, in result of mandatory ad placements, is where a free web hosting package from Weebly falls short.

Free Plans From Weebly Web Hosting Company

The entry plan for Weebly web hosting indeed allows users to create attractive websites using pre-designed themes and content.  The full version of its website builder is also accessible, with a generous number of free formats from which to choose.  But again, the major compromise with this basic plan is that Weebly's ads are displayed on the site.  What's more is that the free option requires a Weebly-branded domain – akin to what you'd get on Blogger – that must be used for the site.  

This raises yet another objection from professional webmasters, as well as from those who aim to build a business online.  The inability to create + promote your own domain name (brand) can be an impediment to your website's success.  Whether through social media, organic search, or offline, a cookie-cutter domain name is much harder to market than a custom name.  

People also associate more credibility and trust with an 'independent' website, since the inherent costs reflect a sense of commitment to the business.

How Paid Weebly Web Hosting Enhances Functionality and Value

Up one from the entry-level plan, Weebly web hosting offers an affordable, better option for those who'd care to avoid the limitations of the free package.  The same design themes and tools to help you build website online presence are available in the Starter tier, just as they are in the free plan.  

Genuine Weebly domain website hosting begins with this Starter plan, in terms of using your personally-chosen domain on the platform. (Your DNS web hosting provider will, however, remain the same if you already have a domain name and want to use it with Weebly.)  

You receive an unlimited amount of storage with the Starter plan, in addition to website statistics reports (detailing your traffic growth, etc.).  A complementary Google AdWords credit to help you promote your website online is also a nice touch to round out the $8 per month Starter plan.

Next in line from Weebly is the Professional option, which has everything the Starter package has + more.  Most notably, website password protection is enabled, which allows you to restrict certain pages to visitors who hold the right password.  This feature is valuable to owners who use creative website monetization methods, or who may build custom sales pages for select users.  

For example, say you have a 'special promotions' newsletter which you disseminate to through a well-developed email list.  Every few weeks you send out targeted emails detailing what's for sale and for how long.  For each specific product, you attach a unique website URL and password with which to access it.  

The URL may include advanced parameters to help you track and identify each recipient who clicks through and converts on the offer(s). A powerful marketing tool for sure, password protecting select pages can add greatly to the versatility of your website.

Business and e-Com Solutions From Weebly Web Hosting

Weebly web hosting company rounds out its services with Business and e-commerce packages.  

The Business plan closely mirrors the Pro model but allows an unlimited number of members, registration for which is compatible with the above-mentioned password-protection strategy.  

What's more is that comprehensive website media options like HD audio and video help further engage your visitors (customers).  Stream video hosting alone can be quite expensive, so the unlimited storage of the Business and Professional plans are valuable options for video-centric websites.  

Finally, Weebly has electronic commerce plans along the same lines as its web hosting options.  The Business e-commerce version is arguably the most beneficial, given its unlimited product uploads, secure socket layer (SSL) web browser encryption, inventory management tools, and ability to offer discounts through online coupons.  

The Pro e-com plan reduces these features considerably, with only twenty-five products permitted, no SSL encryption, and a 3-percent transaction to handle payment processing.  Weebly's Starter option is different from the Pro package in regards to the number of items (10) you may upload to its web servers

Weebly Web Hosting Company in a Nutshell

While Weebly isn't technically a dedicated server host, it does offer reasonable scalability and useful website tools.  It can be an adequate domain host with which you create a stylish, fully-functioning website.  A number of plans are available on Weebly, including the option of trying out their platform free of charge.  In order to gain better design and user control, an affordable paid plan is recommended.  

This shouldn't deter anyone looking for a top web host provider, as Weebly is one of the highest-quality cheap hosting services around. It's hard to argue with the pricing, customer service, and features available from Weebly web hosting company, so it should definitely garner a spot on your short list.

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