The Walmart Visa Gift Card is Safer and More Versatile Than Cash

The widely-popular Walmart Visa Gift Card enables users to benefit from Visa's electronic payment processing network across the country. Accepted everywhere Visa cards are welcome, the Walmart-branded gift card is a fast and convenient means to reward someone for the holidays.  Beyond that, however, many buyers turn to the Walmart Visa Gift Card for personal use as well.  

Being able to set aside (quarantine) certain funds from a conventional bank account is a valuable option for those who like to a bit more control over their money.  Moreover, by loading predetermined dollar amounts onto Walmart gift cards, on-demand cash access is afforded without the permanency of debit or credit cards.  

And thanks to a quick, easy, and affordable setup process, the Walmart Visa Gift Card is perfect for anyone needing fast access to electronic cash transfers.  Widely popular among travelers and corporate rewards programs, prepaid gifts cards offer an ideal option to guard against large-scale losses, fees, and headaches. Unlike debit or credit card alternatives, it's impossible to overdraft/overcharge Visa gift cards.

Thus, perhaps more so than the convenience of use, these tools have inherent risk reduction features which widen their scope of utility.  

For example, let's say you're a cross-country motorist who will be embarking on a 10-state, two-week road trip.  You'll be travelling in your RV and will have no need for lodging or other credit-card-oriented services.  You've alerted your banking partners of your plans, have emailed your local branch your itinerary; consequently, each partner location in the nation could service any emergency financial needs you may face, even if you were to visit without your debit card or driver's license.  

They now have everything on file per your contacting them in advance, so you've covered all bases and will be able to leave the majority of your sensitive information at home — eliminating the risks of theft or misplacement.  You're all set for your dream vacation of sightseeing and visiting all the key monuments around the country... All that's left now is to do some quick Walmart shopping on your way out.

The Benefits of Using a Walmart Visa Gift Card in Lieu of Cash or Credit

Continuing our story from above, you've now reached the SuperCenter with a list of the essential items you'll need for your trip:  A new smartphone charger from the Walmart Electronics Department; a number of other goods you're enticed by seeing free Walmart coupons throughout the store, like trail mix and snack food items + bottled water; last but not least, your Walmart Visa Gift Card.  

Recall that you took pains to achieve your goal of travelling with as few valuable items as possible, especially financial instruments.  So in order to keep the wheels turning and to have adequate funds for your journey, you've decided that a prepaid Walmart Gift Card would give you the best of all worlds:

(a)  Peace of mind from knowing that any potential losses will be capped at a preset and the freedom from worry that this mindset promotes;  

(b)  Alleviating the nagging concerns of loose cash accounting and the risks associated with common damage or misplacement;  

(c)  Universal acceptance of the Walmart Visa Cards in all places the Visa brand is welcome;  

(d)  And perhaps most convenient of all, being able to perform a gift card balance check both online and over the telephone, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Walmart Visa Gift Card Makes an Ideal Present and Hedge Against Financial Loss

In addition to the immense benefits of travelling with a Walmart Gift Card, the overwhelming majority of consumers buy them as presents (rewards) for others.  There's nothing quite like receiving a free gift card during the Holidays or as an unexpected birthday gift. In the past, giving theme-based Hallmark cards lined with cash was common but this has its limitations in modern practice.  

Not only is it impractical to restrict someone's use of funds to in-store patronage, but it poses logistical concerns as well.  

For one, the USPS (United States Postal Service) strongly discourages the sending of cash through its mail service, which makes recovery from loss virtually impossible should the piece fail to reach its destination.  Cash is generally uninsurable per most carrier's policies, so unnecessary chance is taken whenever one elects to do so anyway.

Hence, many people now choose to send a prepaid Walmart Gift Card in lieu of the risky cash alternative because claims can be made for the former and not the latter.  

Gift cards are generally insurable by package handling companies, and after a period, a new card can be issued by Walmart if the original has never been used.  (Requesting such a replacement can be done at the thousands of Walmart Stores nationwide with simply the original purchase receipt or supporting documentation.)  

Put the Vast World of E-Com at Your Fingertips With a Walmart Visa Gift Card

The dual ability to make purchases in-store or online is perhaps the greatest benefit of the Walmart Visa Gift Card.  All that's required to do your Walmart online shopping – or any other internet buying – is to register the card with your current address.  The process could not be easier and can be done via the internet or telephone anytime.  

At that point, the myriad Walmart deals across all sales channels would then be wide open for you to take full advantage of.  Rollback specials and free shipping promotions can be seized on within the comforts of your home.  

With an electronic payment tool like a Walmart Visa Gift Card, you'll reap the rewards of Walmart savings which are always in abundance – both inside SuperCenters online.  

Moreover, after spending the past few years bolstering its e-commerce platform, Walmart is now positioned to challenge for a growing market share of internet shoppers.  

The retail giant's Webstore has been impressively revamped, while the contributions of (and its seasoned management) have been felt almost immediately.  

Future Prospects for the Walmart Visa Gift Card

Now more than ever is a great time to buy a prepaid Walmart Visa Gift Card for yourself and/or a loved one.  Although currently not an option for the prepaid Visa Gift Card, consumer requests to buy them online has been well-received by the top brass at Walmart

The ability to purchase a Walmart Visa Gift Card online would undoubtedly expose more consumers to the product, especially those who don't currently frequent neighborhood or SuperCenter department stores.  Making the card available to internet purchase would likely broaden the base for Walmart Stores in general.  

To be fair, however, the Walmart Money Card addresses many of these concerns.  Although, the counter-argument is that the Money Card is best suited for personal use, given the direct deposit, more involved registration process, and reloadable features akin to standard bank debit cards.  

But even without these characteristics, there's little argument that the benefits of the prepaid Walmart Visa Gift Card far outweigh any downsides.

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