Making the Most of Walmart Clearance Sales

Finding a Walmart clearance sale can render tremendous savings on everything from auto accessories to household goods.

Walmart department stores are clearinghouses of consumer products, which are generally priced affordably.  So there's no question that any type of discount on everyday low-priced items can result in substantial savings over rival merchants.  

What's more is that free Walmart coupons are usually eligible to be used for all associated merchandise, even that which is part of a Walmart clearance sale.  

Not to be confused with Walmart rollback pricing, clearance sale products are usually more aggressively discounted in hopes of reducing inventory quickly.  

And if there's anything that moves markets and the products therein, it's price.

So even while, to the layperson, it may seem as though brands are taking losses during Walmart clearance sale events, but in reality, they are all part of a healthy and well-managed retail operation.

walmart clearance sale

For example, let's say that a growing trend in regional SuperCenters reflects a slowly-moving item, a concern which may also be raised by online shopping metrics.

For whatever reason(s), the product just doesn't sell well around there, while at the same time occupying valuable retail space.  A case like this would be one of the many instances where WMT – through a combination of managerial and algorithmic processes – will designate the good for clearance.

Often referred to as 'flash sales' by some, this term is, actually, an incorrect depiction of Walmart clearance sale operations. 

(That said, there indeed are times when a particular neighborhood or SuperCenter's manager approves a same-day price reduction, but a more common practice is to plan clearance sales a few weeks before launch dates.)

Knowing the reasons, timing, and influences behind Walmart clearance sales can be a huge advantage for those looking to reap the most savings as possible.  

And one of the many strategies for staying on top of these promotions is to subscribe to the Walmart shopping newsletter, which is emailed to subscribers a few times each week.  

Even while the newsletters don't explicitly announce upcoming Walmart clearance sale items or detail the 'rollback pipeline,' you can gain valuable insight by spotting trends from one letter to the next.  

Using Newsletters to Predict Walmart Clearance Sale Timing

The following outlines a brief overview of how paying attention to Walmart newsletters led to an interesting strategy for getting the most out of Walmart clearance sale policies...

Over a course of 3 weeks, advertised prices were charted for a few items of interest.  

walmart advertised prices

And for three straight weeks, the prices for these products were reduced considerably. 

After evaluating the numbers and thinking about the potential reasons for these price reductions, it became clear that there was an imbalance between how much of this merchandise Walmart was selling versus what it presently had in-stock.  

So once price drops were observed, measured, and documented, logic led to the conclusion that these goods were not selling fast enough and were destined for the next Walmart clearance sale.

Thus, as you can see, staying abreast of various grocery shopping trends can lead to big savings come sale time.  

Having a sense of which products will soon be available at clearance prices can be the difference between buying (much) more of what you need for less, or barely scraping by each month.

Being as close to first in this process is key because Walmart clearance sale prices are limited to the current merchandise on-hand.  

What this means is that in a few short days, you could miss out on bargain opportunities if not acted upon quickly.  

This is especially important for high-demand retail categories like discount electronics, clothing, and cell phone accessories.  

Because naturally, items that sell faster than normal usually do so in greater volumes as well, thus requiring either more space (fewer transactions) to accommodate (manage) the inventory.

The difference with Walmart clearance sales, however, are two-fold.

First off, as indicated elsewhere, placing merchandise on clearance is not a standardized process in the same manner as, say, the policies surrounding its everyday low prices.

clearance sale merchandise

The second difference is that product availability is generally more scarce for clearance sale merchandise, as is the region(s) in which these goods may be purchased.

(A caveat to this is that more recently, online shoppers can choose from the growing 'warehouse sales' operation, which is marketed quite similarly to in-store clearance operations.)

But even in the case of digital Walmart clearance sales, limited quantities are the defining characteristic of these promotions, which is another reason why following them can pay dividends to the astute shopper.

Inventory Management of Walmart Clearance Sale Products

Discount computer sale opportunities have been known to vanish within hours after being announced.  The same holds true popular video gaming consoles and flat-screen HDTVs.  

Thus, in result of Walmart being such a comprehensive retailer, there will always be times when sales and inventory management software goes awry of consumer trends – and this is where the door opens for astute customers.  

Even with their massive size and efficient space utilization, SuperCenters have finite real estate in which to store merchandise, an issue that leads to a sizeable portion of Walmart clearance sale opportunities.  

Sprawling distribution centers have traditionally been adequate to replenish inventories, but with the continued growth of Walmart online shopping, considerably more distribution space is being allocated to e-com operations.  

So nowadays, the onus has been placed on local store managers to forecast, anticipate, and adjust on-hand inventories in a way that facilitates the most efficient operation of their facilities. 

retail merchandise management

What's more is that department buyers, those centralized heads who wield great influence over the Walmart clearance sale process, frequently make the call for both when and what receives a discount.

For example, if the Electronics Department is becoming overstocked with a certain item(s) and there's no reason to believe there will be a spike in demand for said items, then either rollback or discount pricing will be applied in the immediate future.

Similar calculus would be applied to each area of the store, whether being photo, optical, tires, or kitchen wares.  

And once inventory assessments are conducted each day, the management team then looks at scheduled deliveries and pairs them to current quantities on-hand to get a better sense of what should be included in the next Walmart clearance sale.

But even given the enhanced control and benefits of having real humans track physical inventory, the process can be time-consuming and mistake prone.

Human errors are typically the greatest cause for inventory discrepancies for most firms, especially those with complex logistical concerns like SuperCenters.

So while the transportation, shipping, and retail industries continue to debate both the merits and relevance of A.I. (artificial intelligence), there's a growing consensus that, perhaps more so than other areas, inventory management could benefit greatly from the advances in these newer technologies.

The tremendous upside to using predictive software, deep neural networks, and machine-learning in general, is something that most Walmart clearance sale managers are taking seriously and are at least considering for their stores.

And anything that posit to reduce costs and/or improve the customer experience is typically of interest to decision makers, so it'll be fascinating to see how companies either adopt or compete with some of the more pioneering inventory management systems of the future.

Why Profits are Irrelevant to Walmart Clearance Sale Practices

As with all facilities, SuperCenter storage capacity is a constant which can't be altered on the fly.  

And just because electronics might be more profitable for the company than, say, corkscrews, it doesn't mean that storage room for lower-margin items can be used to accommodate more tablets or televisions.

The general layout and product selection which customers rely on must be maintained at all costs, so as to not alienate any member of the base.  

Moreover, a bakery patron may only spend a few dollars each day, but what happens should (s)he arrives at an empty display on multiple occasions?  

Say, perhaps, the store manager deemed it more important to cancel the flour and yeast deliveries in order to store additional computer peripherals and smartphones.  

In the short term that may indeed boost earnings to a degree, but over the long haul, it can have disastrous effects on the business.

Without question, electronics hardware and accessories generate more revenue initially, but these are relatively infrequent consumer shopping items that serve a smaller subset of Walmart clearance sale customers.  

So to cater to a notebook purchaser at the expense of the daily bread buyer is a defective strategy.  

Granted, it'll take longer for the Walmart Department Store to match the earnings from a bakery patron to an electronics buyer, though over time, research points to the loyal bakery shopper as being more profitable to the company.  

Not to mention, this same person who buys fresh bread and donuts every day is more likely to order Walmart cakes, buy a Walmart Visa Gift Card, use Walmart flower delivery services, choose car batteries Walmart sells, and purchase Walmart clearance sale merchandise at greater frequency than other patrons.

So it would be a near-sighted, and potentially crippling, policy to 'pick winners and losers' based on profitability or current consumer demand.

What's more is that the world's largest retailer has literally decades of relationships and experiences with global suppliers which may be impacted negatively by any shifts in the company's sourcing patterns, whether in result of Walmart clearance sale changes or otherwise.

All of these agreements are no doubt governed by strict contracts, many of which are likely (very)long-term in nature.

In result, there are few if any occasions wherein Walmart would renege on its obligations or breach a contract in order to push more of a certain item at the expense of others.

Because both the legal and logistical considerations are substantial for such a large company with a worldwide retail network, a point which can be viewed as an asset or liability.

Long-term contracts can indeed be an asset, with negotiated pricing and reliable product stock being key. 

While on the other hand, being bound to restrictive arrangements can preclude a firm from being sufficiently nimble to capitalize on recent trends or consumer sentiment.

But all in all, the current Walmart clearance sale process is relatively efficient, and is a service that's generally well-received by consumers. 

Walmart Clearance Sale Tips 'n' Tricks, Ins and Outs

Half the battle of capitalizing on the bevy of discount sales run by such a large company is to first locate both when and where these events will take place.

Even if you do most (all) of your shopping online and are well-versed in bargain hunting, certain promotions which may be available in-store are not guaranteed to be featured – or even included – on the website, thus limiting your exposure to good deals on quality merchandise.

So one of the main keys to reaping the most benefits from Walmart clearance sales is to stay on top of important dates since there's currently no standardized schedule for when discounts will roll out, and one way to do this is to create a resource page or 'sales matrix' that can help organize your efforts.

It doesn't have to be overly complicated, just a legible reference of the near- to medium-term clearance sale info.

Of particular importance are the announced dates and locations — e.g.,, a local department store, all SuperCenters in the city or otherwise?

And for those who want to go a step farther and build something really useful, adding sections for 'clearance sale tracking purposes,' will come in handy down the line.

Line items such as final sales price for your most-frequented mediums will serve to expedite future decision making about which outlet consistently has the best deals on certain products.

To this metric you may add a space to indicate, after the fact, whether the official Walmart clearance sale dates were adhered to strictly and/or if the advertised sale prices for products of interest were identical to what you were quoted online or in-person.

Documenting these last two entries can seem a bit tedious, especially if you're following more than a few store locations, but doing so can lead to your finding remarkable opportunities in result.

As an example, after you've created your spreadsheet and optimized its outlay, you might notice that a particular SuperCenter discounts more steeply 'Product X' in excess of what other stores in the area do.

Perhaps, Product X is a perishable which, for any number of reasons, has a painfully-slow turnover rate compared to other locations.

Maybe this store has a popular restaurant in its vicinity that features a certain food on its menu, resulting in local consumers getting their fill of it via this outlet.

Let's also assume this ingredient is one of your family's favorites, and is in high demand by members of your household.

But had you never taken the time to accurately track Walmart clearance sale customs in your city, you probably would have never learned of their discounting tendencies.

Moreover, thanks to your well-designed sales form, you're likely to uncover yet more ways in which locational aspects directly benefit you as a consumer.

So while it takes a bit of effort and dedication, making it a priority to learn as much as possible about the Walmart clearance sale process is something that everyday shoppers should consider.

Types of Merchandise you can Find at a Walmart Clearance Sale

Given the superior product selection at Walmart department stores, it's no surprise that you can find excellent deals on a wide range of items.

Everything from an HDTV to kitchen dishes have been found on sale at one point or another, so both tracking and shopping Walmart clearance sales can be an adventure each time.

That said, if you're keen on finding something specific like, say, an Xbox One X gaming console on Rollback, then it's highly recommended that you follow the series of steps outlined in this article to stay abreast of the latest in-store and online sales events.

And one point we've tried to reiterated throughout our coverage here is that, in many ways, finding clearance opportunities is a numbers game, and being exceedingly informed is one of the best strategies to stay ahead of your shopping competition.

What's more is that it can be a thrill to go through the process of saving money on virtually everything you need, whether being everyday items like breakfast cereal or diapers, or more specialized purchases such as a home entertainment center.

The bottom line is that, irrespective of your chief purpose for seeking discount goods, seeking them a Walmart clearance sale is a wise first move.

And while it's entirely possible to find deals on big ticket and specialty goods, one of the lasting draws of Walmart is the fact that so many essential products, at one point or another, make their way onto the clearance list.

So it is primarily for this reason that millions of consumers remain loyal to the Walmart Brand, as the perception of being a retailer for the common man is pervasive.

What's more is that the general sentiment about the Walmart clearance sale process is that it's a conscious effort by the company to provide yet more value – beyond its everyday low prices – to its customers.

(Whether this description is accurate remains debatable, because as outlined previously, much of the Rollback and discount sale merchandise is considered overstock or slowly-moving products.)

Notwithstanding the technical details of why/when certain items receive a price reduction, the fact that Walmart offers so many ways to save fosters a sense of endearment among a sizable portion of the domestic, and, international consumer markets.

And if there's anything that a retailer – no matter how large and powerful it may be – covets, it's a legion of loyal customers on which it can depend for repeat business.

It is in this vein that the concept of 'loss leading' plays a role in modern retailing, as a variety of firms calculate that even while they may lose cash on the front-end of certain initiatives such as, say, a Walmart clearance sale, the brand familiarity and consumer affinity will make up for said losses over time.

As an example, it's no secret that Walmart's chief rival (Amazon) has employed this tactic for years, even while it worked the kinks out of its fulfillment and logistics operations.

Hoards of analysts lamented at the annual revenue deficiencies resulting from this policy, though to its credit, the world's largest online retailer stuck to its guns in the face of such criticism.

And nowadays, the payoff has been spectacular, thanks in large part to the success of its Prime and Prime Now subscription services, which compete directly with the Walmart clearance sale program.

Furthermore, industry data has shown that the majority of consumers cite price as their chief concern when making a purchase, and larger quantities are generally purchased when discounts are available.

So the opportunities for brand synergy and top-level growth remain fertile for WMT, with one of the main catalysts being the broad availability of Walmart clearance sale promotions within its retail channels.

Top Categories in Which you can Save via Walmart Clearance Sales

There's no doubt that virtually anything you buy at a Walmart clearance sale will be of good quality and value; however, there are some key items of interest that provide yet more savings than others.

That being said, the process of going about identifying and locating such opportunities is anything but scientific, so in this section we'll outline a relative mindset that might help in your discount shopping quests.

First off, it's important to assess your (family's) most frequently-purchased consumer products for any given month; but don't stop there because that's only half the task to maximize your efforts.

The reason why you should look beyond the mere act of labelling your staple household purchases is because not all merchandise is created equal in terms of its overall effect on your budget, even if some (most) of them are bought at a Walmart clearance sale.

The point here is that, even more so than frequency, total dollar amount spent is a better means by which to evaluate your budgetary outlays.

For example, let's say that you've taken the weekend to compile all of your grocery shopping receipts – including those from both online and in-store Walmart clearance sales – for the past year, giving you sufficient data to assess your typical household spending patterns.

All purchases have been categorized as precisely as possible, combining and SuperCenter receipts to create a master spending list.

And after all this front-end preparation, you feel confident in your ability to analyze the areas in which you've been overspending, in addition to those in which you can afford to buy a little more at the next Walmart clearance sale.

(Yet it is at this stage where problems arise for many shoppers who undertake this process.)

Continuing on with our example, you've now identified that your most frequently-purchased item, based on your twice-a-month shopping routine, was bathroom toilet tissue, followed by paper towels and oatmeal in second place.

Great Value Tuna Fish and frozen spinach tied for third, and men's body wash comes in fourth.  

Rounding out your chart are female razors, unisex deodorant, toothpaste, and prepared snack products, leaving only meat (poultry, beef, pork), fresh produce, and cigarettes as the remaining items on your top-10  list.

So after a cursory view of this list, you feel good about your past-year's allocations, but would still like to see more savings attributed to Walmart clearance sale purchases, or at the very least, Rollback specials.

And that's precisely where the second part of this analysis proves fruitful, because it goes beyond the sole aspect of looking at purchase frequency and quantity, and delves deeper into the bottom-line implications of each category.

Using our hypothetical top-ten list, one might presume that either bathroom tissue or paper towels would constitute your largest expenditures each month, since they, by far, are bought more often than your bottom-5 products.

Though without a further analysis of these totals on a unit-price basis, it can be easy to overlook the most beneficial area to target for Walmart clearance sale purchases.

So the jist of this exercise is to take a holistic, dollar-amount view of your purchasing patterns. 

And upon doing so, you realize that you're actually spending more on cigarette cartons than on almost all other goods purchased, presenting a great opportunity to target these items in every Walmart clearance sale event, whether being online or in-store.

(Of course, this preceding example is used for illustrative purposes only, as your main spending group might be totally different, especially if you have young children or the like; in that case, Pampers, as opposed to cigarettes, would likely be a central focus of yours to reduce these costs as much as possible.)

Clarifying the Difference Between a Rollback and a Walmart Clearance Sale

Within the expansive circle of SuperCenter and shoppers, there always seems to be at least some confusion about the various characteristics of the company's discounting terminology/practices, so we'll now endeavor to distinguish between the two.

While on the surface it may seem that there's virtually no daylight separating a Walmart clearance sale from other types of discounting strategies, the astute shopper would be well to pay attention to the intricacies.

Because not only are there monetary implications for an informed consumer, but specific terms by which these programs are governed as well.

So without further ado, let's now unpack some of the principal areas of concern for the highly-sought savings events — with the Walmart clearance sale being the most valuable — for the multinational retail giant.

A simple way to view these similar – though unrelated – discounting initiatives, is through the prism of shelf-clearing and inventory reduction.

Seemingly identical in practice, the fact that there are differing motivations behind each program is something the informed shopper should pay attention to.

For instance, let's say that you're an avid video gamer and have been eyeing the last 3 releases of your favorite series, virtually every except the Walmart clearance sale channels.

Each one, regularly-priced, goes for $59.99 both online and in-store, a rate that stretches beyond your student budget at the moment.

That said, you're keen on rounding out your collection with these highly-acclaimed titles, and have signed up for a host of alerts from

But after a few months of paying close attention to the weekly e-zine (Walmart's e-mail marketing newsletter) you've become disheartened that there hasn't been a Rollback sale for either of these games.

What's more is that you've been expecting to see a price break due to the relatively older release date of the titles, so you stick to your bargain-hunting plan and continue following the publication.

(And it is in situations like this that a deeper understanding of the Walmart clearance sale process would be fruitful, as the consumer in this example has probably been looking for savings in all the wrong places.)

Because from a basic retailing perspective, discontinued merchandise – as would be the case for previous-released video games – constitutes one of the largest sectors of Walmart clearance sale goods sold. 

The reasons for this are several, though perhaps most importantly, out-of-production items command a reduced retail price in relation to current gear, while still costing the same amount for storage/transportation/retail shelf space.

So in cases like these, retailers like Walmart begin to, after a certain point, lose money each day they continue to sell older merchandise for which they can only receive a portion of the original MSRP (manufacturer suggested retail price.)

And therein lies both the logic and need for heavily-discounted bargain initiatives such as flash, lightning, and Walmart clearance sales.

Thus, an easy way to think of which avenue you might pursue to save money on a specific item is determined by whether it's something that remains in production, or is effectively 'out-of-print.'

And it is in this latter category that our video-game shopper would likely find a unique opportunity to capitalize on the shelf-clearing activities of big-box merchants like Walmart.

On the flipside, however, for everyday items – in addition to those that are currently still being made – ephemeral lightning and Rollback sales are your go-to sources for discount goods that might be temporarily overstocked or slowly moving.

Products in this space are generally tied to various consumer staples, such as personal care products, household goods, groceries, and automotive specialties.

Examples of products being sold (temporarily) at a cheaper price are synthetic motor oil, seasonal produce like blueberries, Glade or Febreeze air freshener, and Pantene shampoo.

As indicated by this less-than-comprehensive list, you can see that the types of products in our second rundown are those that are perpetually in production, and are unlikely to be found in a Walmart clearance sale anytime in the near future.

Walmart Clearance Sale Wrap-up

Retail loyalty is a two-way street and what starts out as a relatively low-margin customer can evolve into a die-hard Walmart enthusiast.

Thus, a better decision by the SuperCenter manager would have been to place as many electronics on a Walmart clearance sale as necessary to leave room for the bakery goods deliveries.  

No picking 'winners and losers' based on short-term cash bumps — every customer must be valued equally.  

So if someone enjoys fresh-baked muffins at the store on one day, then they should have every confidence that they'll also be available the next day.  

Consistency and reliability are two of the most powerful attributes of a brand, which speaks further to why, in general, Walmart Department Stores share the same look and feel anywhere you go.  

The duplication of experience are central concerns to (multi)national firms, as the benefits of such branding are plentiful.

Customers who have a great time shopping a Walmart clearance sale in, say, Atlanta, might share their positive impressions on social media, and/or with family (friends) over the telephone.

And naturally, many of these people who receive such calls or shared posts will not live anywhere near the Atlanta Metro Area, though will be no less interested in trying their hand at the clearance sale process.

However, should one of these 'pre-sold' customers were to visit a Walmart SuperCenter in another state and be totally thrown off – in relation to what they've seen (heard) from their associate – by the store layout or product selection, then it can have a demotivating effect in result.

So for this reason, along with many others surrounding optimal retailing practices, companies of all sizes go to great lengths to ensure that every customer, in every location, receives the same service and selection — every time

Furthermore, our overview here should illuminate some of the considerations regarding Walmart clearance sale economics, along with the decision-making processes which help influence operational policies.  

More than anything, retail logistics and facilities management determine what will be placed on sale and when, as does the relationship to on-hand and projected inventory levels.  

Advanced computer software – not the least of which being artificial intelligence systems – has buoyed the efforts of retail managers to create the most efficient supply chain as possible.

And on the consumer side of the equation, a plethora of niche websites, newsletters, and forum groups dedicated to discount online shopping has afforded millions of households to further educate themselves on how to best pursue the money-saving channels of the modern retail world.

Armed with this newfound insight, shoppers looking to capitalize on Walmart clearance sale opportunities should be better able to both track and predict when a new sale appears imminent.  

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