Stream Video Hosting has Fostered a new Brand of Media

Stream video hosting services have been growing steadily over the years, as the entire world has become more gadget-oriented and tech savvy.  As early as a decade ago, only the most well-funded news and journalism organizations made regular use of then-expensive software applications to upload content to stream video hosting servers.  Times have drastically changed since then, however, and the majority of those paid services which dominated previous years have either gone out of business or have been acquired by larger firms.  

The peculiar part about surviving companies which were bought is that most of them have been rebranded as totally free products. Moreover, in result of the sharp rise of self-shot video clips, astute businesses realized that the costs to provide free download hosting could be recovered in spades via advertising/promotional fees.  Similar to how elevated traffic counts pose great opportunities for retail sites, the same holds true on the internet.  

If a website can generate (extremely) high volumes of traffic, the revenue prospects are staggering for respective owners.  What's more is that, in many cases, consumers are tastefully served with relevant ads for products and services in which they have a genuine interest. This relationship is particularly germane to informational, instructional, and product review properties where visitors are looking to make purchases or sign up for a service.  

How Stream Video Hosting Benefits Users, Creators, and Companies

By allowing users to upload (almost) any type of content they choose, valuable marketing insight is obtained for both video streaming hosts and businesses alike.  Take for example a little-known product, fad, or consumer good which, relatively quickly, garners a host of likes and subscriptions on a streaming platform. Advertising algorithms pick up on such human 'signals' and send real-time feedback to data analysts and personnel.  

Marketing associates may then be contacted, or more likely, prepaid campaigns related to the product will be served automatically to the video spot.  The idea is have motivated, targeted traffic forwarded to the merchandiser's website by the stream video hosting company.  And a percentage of visitors who click-through to the advertiser's site will indeed buy the product originally drew their attention, or in other cases, sign up for/subscribe to the offered services.  

Revenue is thus generated for either company, while the consumer remains indifferent to the process, given the overall positive experience.  This win-win-win cycle observed by content creators and video stream hosts has become an industry unto itself.  And as mentioned previously, the most dominant and well-known video hosting services are generally free of charge to use.  We've already touched on the financial motivations for offering free hosting services, so now we'll highlight the various options for publishing your videos to the Web.  

YouTube is the Global Leader in Stream Video Hosting

The hands-down leader of this group is YouTube, the California-based subsidiary of Alphabet, Inc. (the parent company of Google). YouTube has revolutionized the way people create, share, and market on the Net, as it pioneered several concepts now standard for most video hosting companies of today.  Uploading content to YouTube is remarkably simple, with no specialized software or tools required.  The most common video file formats are readily accepted, as is media filmed with almost any device capable of recording.  

The ease with which users may upload media to the world is no doubt a plus for consumers, though perhaps the most powerful aspects of YouTube video stream hosting is the way in which it facilitates self-branding and marketing.  Everything from sole proprietors to Fortune 100s start off on equal plains online, the advantage accruing to the most viable content producers.  

Big-name corporations may have the name recognition and million-dollar budgets, but oftentimes viral videos come from average citizens. Consequently, wily niche marketers can do very well by making unique videos directed at a particular herd of followers.  

Financial Incentives for Good Stream Video Hosting Publishers

Google's AdSense program is available to approved YouTube Channels, effectively providing income for members who attract adequate numbers of visitors.  And for the professional YouTube Gurus, paid advertising represents a low percentage of income relative to other sources.  

Videographers are generally permitted to 'sell themselves' with negligible restrictions from YouTube's Terms of Service.  So in many ways, even while the platform is among the most heavily-trafficked websites in the world, a savvy citizen can build a massive base by creating engaging clips which deliver value per the interests of one's audience.  

In result, top YouTube Channels closely rival – in regards to response volume – paid television advertising, which is extremely expensive in most places.  YouTube has still more benefits than those outlined here, so it's apparent why it remains the best free stream video hosting provider in the world.  

Another managed server free video hosting company is Vimeo, though a free user's upload allowance as is somewhat low.  Generally credited with being the first video streaming company to support HD (high-definition) recordings, Vimeo also solidified its position in the free video streaming market.

Rounding out this hosting category is Periscope, a smartphone application which states that important news should be easily shared with and accessible to the general public.  Live-streaming directly from your phone's camera works surprisingly well with Periscope, and this app has received stellar ratings within both the Google Play and Apple Apps Store.  

Paid Options and the Future of Stream Video Hosting

Notwithstanding the benefits of free stream video hosting providers, many entities care not to host their media outside of their own websites.  And it's for these reasons why most of the larger web hosting servers offer managed/cloud-based solutions.  The primary players in this space are 1and1 Internet, GoDaddy, Blue Host, and Host Gator.

(A step up from these website hosting companies are the Goliaths of technology such as Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, and Gooogle, each of which offers infinitely-scalable infrastructure.)  But given that these options are beyond the needs of most users, the general domain and website hosting firms will serve most people's needs.  

Both free and paid stream video hosting demands will undoubtedly rise as more people master the internet.  Businesses, host providers, and average consumers all benefit from the creativity of independent media makers.  So the services offered by stream video hosting companies are now indispensable parts of our digital world.

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