Why Opening Wine Without a Corkscrew Seems Logical

For many newcomers to the 'wine society', the notion of opening wine without a corkscrew can be an enticing workaround for the steep costs of brand-named corkscrews.  Particulary those made of stainless steel or hardwood, the overall price can be equal to – if not more than – the bottle of wine itself.  So it's only natural for one to consider alternate means to uncork wine in lieu of overpaying for a standard bottle opener.  Although, upon further examination and real-world attempts to do so, it's apparent that opening wine without a corkscrew is far more difficult (and dangerous) than one might realize.  And for those who might be thinking about how to make a corkscrew from scratch, the risks and time involved rise considerably.

Perils of Trying to Uncork Wine Without a Corkscrew

As simple and ubiquitous as they may seem, corkscrews are carefully-designed tools engineered for both maximum effectiveness and safety. And without getting too far off topic and into the weeds of physics, the basic premise is that the amount of sheer torque necessary to open a bottle of wine is far greater than the glass can tolerate if this pressure is not expertly balanced and distributed.  

The force exerted on the most vulnerable part of the wine bottle – its neck – was a leading concern of corkscrew makers, which has led to innovative double-lever and 2-step varieties.  Rabbit, TrueTap, and Coutale Corkscrews are but a few of the more renowned brands who have done well to design efficient models which make opening wine without a corkscrew seem as unreasonable as sending a telegram instead of an email.

A double-hinged generic, professional, or even logoed corkscrew operates in a clever fashion which not only protects the wine bottle from breaking, but the cork (and thus wine) as well.  And working in combination with hefty stainless steel or teflon worms, the dual-action process performs quite admirably time after time again.

Avoiding the Dangers of Opening Wine Without a Corkscrew

So this brings us back to our original observation of why someone would attempt to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew:  The high price of most reputable options on the market.  All things being equal, for instance, if a waiter's corkscrew sold close to the price of a butter knife, most people would be happy to buy the proper tool without question.  

But given how difficult and frustrating it can be to locate discount wine accessories, the thought of opening wine without a corkscrew is thus borne out of necessity rather than preference.  And that's where we here at DWGoods.com come in to help you stay safe and avoid this looming temptation.  We've made it our mission to source, test, and sell discount consumer goods that most have a need for but not all can acquire through retail channels.  

And one of these areas is in the discount and wholesale corkscrews market for restaurant owners, wineries, and everyday wine drinkers who've grown concerned by the escalating costs of accessories. Our online store is chock full of great deals, and we invite you to look around and assess how well we're living up to our goal of being a value-based webstore.

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