The Case for LG Consumer Electronics

LG consumer electronics are some of the most innovative tech gadgets around.  Everything from the latest LG cell phones – like the LG 5 and 6 – to award-winning OLED TVs, can be relied upon without fail.  Yet beyond the impressive durability and affordability of LG consumer electronics, perhaps the most attractive facet of this brand is, well, its looks.  The "Life’s Good" maker is known for its handsome designs, including those for large products like cumbersome home appliances.  

For instance, virtually every LG steam washer, dryer, or kitchen appliance is made with the same care/quality finish as the much smaller-sized LG smartphones.  

What’s more is that the appliance division offers ironclad ‘buyers-remorse insurance,’ in the form of generous guarantees of workmanship.  (The industry-standard LG refrigerator warranty is but one example of such insurance.)

What to Expect When You Buy LG Consumer Electronics

For one, when you purchase any device from the South Korean giant, you’ll be connected to a global network of enthusiasts and technicians, which means you’re mere seconds away (thanks to the Web) from getting the most pertinent advice, information and guidance about almost any topic imaginable.  

Say for instance that you own an older technology like an LG Optimus G or LG G4 and are having intermittent issues with your earpiece.  Your initial inclination might be to visit a local shop advertising LG mobile repair services; though after calling to check pricing on diagnostics, you decide to jump online and do some research of your own.  And this is where being plugged into the 'family' of LG users pays dividends — because not only will you find user manuals and tutorials from LG Corporate, but specialty topics like LG secret codes from the myriad specialists worldwide.

The point is that when you choose such a well-respected and widely-used brand like LG, the post-sales is simply unmatched by the majority of competitors on the market.  Perhaps the closest – or at least one of the closest – rivals of LG in this department is the venerable Panasonic Electronics Company.

Best Info Sources on LG Consumer Electronics

Presently, there are a handful of paid subscriptions which claim to have superior insight and expertise, though it’s usually unnecessary to go this route to learn a about a product:  General websites like Amazon, BestBuy, Home Depot, and Walmart offer a treasure-trove of (verified) purchasers’ experiences.  

(A tip for qualifying reviews is to read first the 1- or low-star entries to get a sense of what may be a recurring problem with a particular model; doing this can often uncover a similar model which may serve your needs better than your original target.)  Reading a wide-range of authentic reviews can also reveal some of the more useful features of a product – like the best LG TV apps, as an example.

The Lasting Value of LG Consumer Electronics

Quite similar to most other products in our world, some of the best value can be had from older/pre-owned discount electronics.  The key to buying earlier generation technology is to first ensure that it’s capable of the basic functions that you need.  

For instance, maybe you’ve had an analog cell phone for the past lifetime and are now ready to upgrade to a smartphone.  You’re not, however, the least bit concerned with all the ‘latest-and-greatest’ software or social networking capabilities.  A simple phone allowing you to check emails, take pictures on occasion, and browse the Net when convenient would do just fine.  (Making and receiving phone calls is a given in this example.)  

You have heard lots of great things about a few of the leading brands and have narrowed it down to the final 2.  And after eliminating one of the final choices in light of its limited aftermarket support, you decide on an LG G3 as the perfect fit.  Perhaps you’re a bit leery of how long it will last per its age, but have been reassured of its quality by the rave reviews you’ve studied over time.

The stellar ratings and 'soft' advertising has turned you into a new LG consumer electronics customer — and potential loyalist to boot!  So that’s the perpetual benefit of making great products at affordable prices:  Creating lasting value for new-product purchases, down-line buyers, and yes, LG consumer electronics itself.

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