Perspective, Advice, and Tips on How to Make a Corkscrew  

Having vast experience wholesaling these items, the question of how to make a corkscrew has been posed to us both internally and from would-be DIYers.  And though these small wonders are certainly not as complex as some of the more advanced, electrically-powered kitchen tools, corkscrews are engineered with great precision and attention to detail.  Manufacturers and design professionals tasked with producing wine bottle openers wear many different hats, yet are most concerned with public safety and quality control.  So for the experts in this field, the question of how to make a corkscrew is no doubt multifaceted and conflicting.  

The exhaustive layers of research, testing, and approval are represent much of the costs passed on to buyers, which at times can tempt one to consider the perilous task of opening wine without a corkscrew.  Furthermore, corkscrew producers generally must serve at least 4 masters at once:  The governing bodies and product regulators of each country in which it desires to sell; senior management personnel who have an obligation to maximize the enterprise's value — and if publicly traded, shareholder returns; its own engineering staff which can be difficult to persuade to modify specs for no other reason than cost reduction; and of course, the prospective end user of the corkscrew who, if displeased with the final product, could render the entire business obsolete.

So Which One of These 'Hats' Takes Precedence for Corkscrew Engineers

From an engineering perspective, it's hard to argue against designing a corkscrew that's unquestionably safe – not only during the uncorking a wine bottle but during transport and storage as well.  When approaching the concept of how to make a corkscrew one must have a keen sense of how each individual component will either be a complement or detriment to the whole, which means that, say, an innovative design for a new-age foil cutter would only be feasible if it could be housed securely withing the body of the frame.  But that might take some tweaking to the standard stock, which would then raise concerns about how well the corkscrew's worm with fit into this new design.  

All the while with consumer safety looming in the forefront of their minds, these engineers approach such concerns at microscopic levels and understand that changing any element by even the slightest degree effects virtually all other aspects of the tool.  And this is just a hypothetical about one of the smallest parts of the opener, so imagine if one cared to redesign some of the larger portions or endeavored to solve for how to make a corkscrew from scratch.  Not quite so simple afterall!  

So the safety concerns are probably most important, which is why there are so many similarly-designed, though uniquely-branded, cheap corkscrews on the market:  They've been proven to pose as little harm to consumers as possible.  But there are myriad other concerns that are high on decision makers' lists, with marketing, accounting, and legal aspects being but a few.

Alternatives to, and Guidance for, How to Make a Corkscrew

For the aspiring engineer or serious DIYer who cares to delve deeper into the technical realms of how to make a corkscrew, please reference this insightful article covering some of the history, materials, and processes of making wine bottle openers in a measured way.  There are also some good university-level resources available which detail almost all one might desire to learn about the subject.  

But we'd be remiss if we didn't caution you that, for even the more mechanically-oriented folks of the world, trying to make a corkscrew without years of adequate training is by no means an easy job.  The hefty costs of the machinery alone is well beyond the means of most, and only large corporations with years worth of R&D capital, professional expertise, and a global market from which to recover these front-end investments stand to profit.

Thus, our recommendation to the person who might have an interest in mastering how to make a corkscrew is as follows... Buy some of our cheap corkscrews openers and pay very close attention to how they operate; study the expert resources and literature on the subject; and decide whether mechanical engineering of wine bottle openers is compelling enough to pursue a degree in.  

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