Business Email Web Hosting Plays a Central Role in Modern Firms

Business email web hosting plans are among the most important to which most firms subscribe.  Outpacing telephonic communications by a wide a margin over the past decade, e-mail has become the primary means by which businesses communicate with vendors, partners, and employees.  

Instantaneous, error-free message transmission is mandatory for commercial customers, so it's imperative that any business email web hosting be fully prepared prior offering up its services.

Moreover, all it takes is a minor glitch to effectively ruin what may have been a sterling reputation earned over several years.  

And given how critical e-mails are to the smooth operation of enterprise, it's apt that a company which fails to uphold its messaging responsibilities suffer the consequences in result.

The penalties for such breakdowns are frequently – unless matters of fraud or criminal negligence are cited – commercial as opposed to legal, resulting in lost new business and fleeing current customers.

There's simply too much at stake for owners to be worried about whether their business email web hosting provider is, in fact, dropping the ball in one form or another.  

The majority of executives have myriad duties, concerns, and problems with which to deal daily and have no time to micromanage what should be a flawless piece of their puzzle.  

So host services which can prove their capabilities with facts – i.e., server logs, delivery/reception data, and verifiable testimonials from similar-sized organizations – hold an advantage to winning the contracts from discerning professionals.  

Essential Functions of Top Business Email Hosting Vendors

Business email web hosting entails related, though considerably more advanced, concepts compared to consumer packages, and it's important to know how your prospective provider stacks up against its competition.  

Moreover, there are a few key areas in which a host must have unquestionable capacity and expertise to handle the rigorous demands of enterprise customers.  

The chief areas in which a commercial electronic mail host has to perform well are in its server software, management, and maintenance programs.  

Cutting corners in order to save money on the front end is generally unwise for all businesses but can have catastrophic consequences in the business email web hosting realm.  

Server software normally requires more than simple updating as is the case with desktop (laptop) computers and must be expertly tweaked according to the make up of its clientele.  

What's more is that, in many ways, enterprise e-mail vendors are like DNS web hosting companies, with respect to the level of specialization involved in managing platforms effectively.

Understanding both the current and prospective business models of its subscribers is fundamental to sound business email web hosting, and is best planned for prior to the signing of any new contract(s).

The reason for this is because only a small percentage of enterprise accounts are served by a dedicated server through which a single firm's messages circulate.  

So pairing the host company's resources with the patterns, practices, and nature of the aggregate customer profile is a prudent measure in achieving the greatest efficiency at the lowest cost.  

Responsible Business Email Web Hosting Companies are Good Risk Managers

Risk mitigation is also a key factor in cross-matching various accounts on a platform, given how a prolonged glitch, DoS (Denial of Service) attack, or other data center hiccup may wreak undue havoc on a particular industry.  

For instance, let's say that all e-com accounts the business email web hosting firm manages are stored on one shared server.

Such a concentration of companies is usually not recommended, as it poses unfair risks to the merchants who may be affected by a problem within the data center.  

Another way of looking at it is through the lens of investment diversity within a portfolio of securities.  Investing in a sole industry is inherently fraught with risks, even if the turbulence is short-lived. 

Corresponding jolts experienced from what may be questionable – if not completely flawed – forecast may be enough to shake the confidence of shareholders who now want to pull their capital from the fund.  

Management may try admirably to allay their concerns about long-term loss, though similar to business email web hosting clients, the investor class is a discerning bunch.  

The damage has already been done but could have been avoided altogether through risk-spreading diversification.

So to relate this story to data center operations, should a noteworthy failure result in an elevated number of users being harmed within a single industry, then the consensus is likely to be that the provider is not suited for their type of business, and thus *each* constituent firm would be better served by a new host.

Incorrect as those pretenses may be, the fact that perception is everything could not be truer for business email web hosting companies.  

Once a service has its competence called into question for any reason whatsoever, it can be very difficult (if not impossible) to recover over the long haul.  

Reliable Business Email Web Hosting Servers are Most Valuable During Crises

Business email web hosting requires substantially more responsibility to provide data protection, minimal server downtime, and information accessibility than does the consumer class, and each of these areas has both legal and financial implications.  

For example, let's say that a company encounters a dangerous situation at one of its retail stores starting the day of a major sales campaign.  

The marketing push had been robust, with multiple updates delivered to a few thousand e-zine subscribers.  The company has sent out a series of newsletters over the past several weeks, promoting the sale as its biggest yet.  

And after cursory analysis of the open rate, social media engagement, and calls-in to the store, the location is expecting a giant crowd come opening time on Saturday morning.  

However, upon arriving at the facility early Saturday to further prepare, the store manager is dismayed to find a burst drainage pipe spilling an inordinate amount of fluids with no end in sight.  

Immediately, the fire department is called and so is the regional manager.  A quick response from the department is reassuring to the management; although, they're informed that the primary thoroughfare will have to be closed off while the pipe to the sewer system is repaired.  

On top of that, an inestimable amount of merchandise has been ruined, but that's the least of the manager's concerns.

(Insurance will cover the merchandise, but what to do about the hoards of customers travelling to the site in a couple hours?!?)

There were no phone numbers captured during marketing push, so calling folks is not an option.  

Per some quick thinking, the manager decides that the only way to avoid a traffic nightmare is to mass e-mail the entire subscriber's list for the area.  Simple enough, right? Absolutely – when the provider's servers function as designed.  

How a Subpar Business Email Web Hosting Platform can Make Bad Situations Worse

What happens if after sending this emergency warning, a 'failed delivery' message is returned by the business email web hosting company?  

Several attempts later render the same result, so the manager, who's now panicking, phones the helpline for the provider.  

And after waiting on hold for what seemed like an eternity, he (she) finally reached someone who was courteous and apologetic, but issued the bedeviled news that the e-mail server to which the store is assigned has suffered a hard drive issue which is already being addressed.  

The manager's consoled to not worry because the hard drive has been both ordered and dispatched, will arrive later on that day.  

"But later on that day is too late," exclaims the manager, as he (she) "needs to e-mail the subscribers NOW!!"  

Unfortunately, however, this will not be possible according to the associate with whom he (she) speaks.  

And as expected, the inability to preemptively alert shoppers of the situation caused a world of trouble, from traffic accidents to infuriated patrons.  

Social Media Sites are ablaze with disavowment and frustration with the retail store.  The overwhelming question being asked on threads is, "Why would they send out a zillion e-mails about the sale if they lack the decency to issue just ONE which would have spared us of this disaster?!?"  

Long-Term Risks of Dealing With Poor Business Email Web Hosting Companies

The PR (public relations) backlash is crippling at this point, as local news networks have started broadcasting the miles-long traffic pileup, in addition to interviews with livid shoppers affected by the mishap.

Thus, in mere hours, a once-beloved retailer has become public enemy #1, all because of an unprepared e-mail provider.  

This hypothetical is but one of the examples we could give on how an unproven business email web hosting firm can create extraordinary problems for a client.  

So we encourage all readers to do as much research as possible, all while asking targeted questions about how specific problems will be handled.  

Finding out beforehand what the backup, maintenance, and redundancy practices of a host is critical, as are the recourse options should the provider breach any of its core responsibilities.  

Business email web hosting is demanding, competitive space, and the best companies will have indisputable proof of how effective their network has been over the years.  

We suggest that anyone shopping for these services study closely the companies' statistics and be absolutely convinced that the business email web hosting plan you select is affordable, reliable, and trustworthy.

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