Buying the Best Electronics Deals Online and In-Store

Shopping for the best electronics deals online can be a fun, rewarding experience.  Browsing, learning about, and buying discount electronics on your own time makes a huge difference compared to doing it all in a condensed timeframe according to retail store operations.  

And you'll not encounter any lines, traffic jams, or snotty sales reps online either. That's not to say that great bargains can't be had from traditional outlets like Walmart Electronics Departments, however, the best electronics deals are most consistently found on the Web.  

The convenience factor alone is enough to tilt the scales towards the internet, not to mention the inherent cost savings of discount shopping online.  For example, let's say that two identically-priced laser printers are for sale both online and in-store.  Or, to make things more interesting, let's make the cheap printer sold in the retail store slightly less expensive.  

One might initially feel compelled to drive to the physical location, though upon further analysis, it's realized that the aggregate costs exceed those associated with purchasing the device from the Webstore.  

We've touched on a few of these frictional costs (traffic, waiting time, human unpleasantness) a bit earlier, though we'll delve a bit deeper into the considerations here.  For one, the whole purpose of bargain shopping for the best electronics deals is to save as much money as possible.  

So to go about this in a haphazard manner does a disservice to one's efforts.  Moreover, it doesn't require a precise measure of all relative costs of visiting retail stores to identify the most important aspects to consider.

The Internet Does not Always Render the Best Electronics Deals Available

The first area to account for is also the most obvious:  Time.  But this can be a tricky calculation when determining through which sales channel the most money can be saved, given that internet shopping can actually take longer than making a trip to your local department store.  

The Web has no shortage of merchants claiming to have the best electronics deals on the planet, leaving individual shoppers to winnow the field on their own.  

What's more is that, while technically possible to exclude certain regions of the world from search results, it's generally not advisable when searching for the lowest-priced merchandise.  International consumer trade has risen sharply in the digital age, with entire markets being opened up and exposed to billions of potential customers.  

Thus, what used to be a rather simple exercise of browsing local papers and promotional fliers has evolved into an endless shopping adventure with virtually the entire world peddling goods.  

Complicating matters still further is the fact that many of the best cheap electronics deals are found on up-and-coming websites which may not appear on the first few pages of SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), as these spots are generally taken by larger, better-established operations.  

Consequently, it's rather easy to lose track of time when conducting a search for the top electronics bargains online, since one cares not to forego savings by choosing too quickly the merchant from which a purchase will be made.  

That being said, spending hours upon hours looking for something (a price) which may not exist is the alternative pitfall of shopping online, so the time factor is perhaps the most variable/difficult to account than any other.

How Travel Influences Where You buy the Best Electronics Deals

In addition to the time input itself, a key question one must ask before embarking on a mission to find the best electronics deals is how much your time is actually worth, and whether a reasonably predictable – per the hour, day of week, weather conditions – drive to the department store would be more beneficial than spending one minute browsing online.  

A key point in this analysis is, naturally, the distance one must travel to buy the gadget of interest, along with the associated costs of doing so.  Regional considerations play a role in determining final costs as well, as a gallon of gasoline in Texas is priced much differently than in California or New York.  

And not only is the actual distance in miles important, but the nature and type of route taken must be assessed as well.  That which may appear to be an easy, 2-mile trek on a map may indeed be only two miles, though what if it entails driving exclusively on roads lined with slow-responding traffic signals.

Literally hours of drivers' lives are spent (wasted) at various stop lights, the most annoying being those which operate on preset timing parameters.  Whether being 3 AM or three in the afternoon, one is forced – by law – to lose irreplaceable time waiting on traffic signals. So it's areas like these which must be broken down, within reason, when searching for the best electronics deals.  

Costing the Best Electronics Deals Online

On the other hand, the inherent costs of buying cheap electronics online must be factored, the most notable of which being shipping fees.  But the actual dollars paid for shipping is just half of the consideration since delivery times must also be factored in as opportunity costs for having to wait for the device to arrive.  

For instance, many times you'll find an online discount sale for what appears to be an attractive price, only to be notified after ordering that it would take several weeks to reach your doorstep.  

Should this purchase be one where a long wait is deemed tolerable or inconsequential, then the final cost might overrule any objections to such a lengthy delay.  Though if it's decided that a greater sense of urgency accompanies this purchase, then hassles involved with travelling, waiting, and loading the item naturally become accepted inconveniences.

The many factors germane to finding the best electronics deals online or in-store are not always apparent and advertised prices alone are unreliable indicators as to the total costs borne to acquire a product. 

And while inexpensive electronics devices are not costly enough to warrant comprehensive cost analysis, training oneself to make reasonable assessments can, over time, lead to big savings on the best electronics deals available.

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